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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lego torch/small lamp MOC

Here's my Lego torch/small lamp MOC! Here are 4 pictures of it.

Not lighted up(front view)

Not lighted up(back view)

lighted up(front view)

lighted up(back view)
So basically this is just a little MOC that I made and honestly speaking this light cannot light up my whole bedroom by itself it still needs the help of my flower lamp to light up my whole bedroom at night. :P But it still works out as a torch light anyway. :P But since I have so many torch lights at home, this is already disassembled as of the time I posted this post. And also, I kind of forgotten to show the mechanism but it is just really really simple. It just requires a 1 x 4 tile, 5 pin hole long beam and one of those 1 and a stud long technic pin. You just need to attach those together, and then put the 1 x 4 tile on either side of your MOC and make sure you make adjustments if your light brick is more further away than mine or the tile needs to be longer because of the width of your MOC. Anyway here's a video of how it looks like in the dark and how bright it is.(In real life you actually can see more than just the light from the light brick and the minifigure)

That's it for now and I hoped you like this mini MOC!
Written by Lynn

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