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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lego Legends of Chima set review: Wolf Legend Beast

Here's my Lego Legends of Chima set review, the Wolf legend beast! I know I haven't posted for a long time and it's because I am a bit busy with my school stuff, playing games(to release stress :P) and also partly because I am lazy and have no idea what to write on the blog. :P I bought this at Metro two days ago. Anyway here are the pictures of this set.

Worriz unarmoured, outer head taken off and without tools(back view)

Worriz unarmoured, outer head taken off and without tools(front view)

Worriz with everything on(back view)

Worriz with everything on(front view)

(Picture left to right) Wolf legend beast and Worriz

Worriz on the legend beast(with a ready to fight pose)

Worriz on the legend beast(side view)

Worriz on the legend beast(front to side view)
Minifigure: Like most of the legend beast sets, they included the minifigures that usually came in the more expensive sets and the legend beast sets are rather cheap so that's a good thing. Also, I've always wanted more wolves for my wolf tribe in my chima collection so I'm happy to have 1 more. :D (10/10)
Legend beast: Looks good, but somehow when I'm playing with the beast the legs simply just break off easily, especially the back legs. (9/10)
Pieces: I think this is the winning part of the set like all of the legend beasts sets have, especially the weapon piece for Worriz's weapon thingy! (10/10)
Total: 29/30
That's it for now and I hope this review helped you in deciding your choice of sets!

Written by Lynn

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