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Thursday, October 2, 2014

My thoughts on bionicle's sets in 2015

Well, my opinions are more or less like the old ones, but now that I've seen the finalised pics of the bionicle 2015 sets, here's my opinion on the actual sets.(See my thoughts on Bionicle's return ITSELF here)

Tahu: I actually liked the preliminary pictures of his mask better, now it looks hardly anything like his old mask, probably except for the iconic circle at the bottom middle of his mask. (Which has been on him since he was a Toa Mata, Toa Nuva and stuff)
Gali: Looks feminine(ish) enough for a female Toa Master. I don't really have much comment on the mask, but that mask does look female. Also not much comment on her appearance and stuff, but I'm not sure whether she's using the normal Surge blue or a new shade of blue for the action figures series.
Lewa: EWWWW his mask is gross! His mask looks like a green Stormer mask with an extended top! O_o The only reason that I would ever get him is probably for the parts. Also, apparently on the box label it says "Lewa Master of Jungle" which is a bit weird because he has always been the Toa/master of air and yet he suddenly gets turned into a master of the jungle. What's up with that? 
Pohatu: TRANSPARENT BRIGHT YELLOW BONE PIECES FOR THE FIRST TIME OMG!!!!!!! Which is quite obvious because he literally and figuratively extends his arm outwards. :P :P :P And he also has BROWN!!!!!!!!! Brown is like a colour we hardly see in HF sets so it would be good to get him.  As for his mask... it looks more like a squashed version of his Toa Mata mask.
Kopaka: O_o Did he turn into a juggernaut or some super bulky guy here? That looks nothing like he did in the past with so much armour. O_O Though I do like making my hero factory MOCs bulky, I really don't know why would a more-or-less not so bulky Kopaka get turned into the bulky guy of the year? Also, the sides of his lower legs look a bit open. As for his mask, well it looks like it was inspired more from his Toa Mata mask than his Toa Nuva one. He still has his iconic scope(obviously).
Onua: Uhhhhh.... I don't know? As of the time I'm typing this post I still haven't seen the finalised Onua picture yet, but if I'm going to judge him based on his preliminary picture, I think he may be purple and black which purple is my favourite colour and I really need more purple!!!! I can't judge his mask at all because I simply cannot see it clearly.
LoSS(Lord of Skull Spiders): Looks okay-ish I think... Unfortunately its head cannot be articulated. Also it has transparent reddish orange(or is it just transparent red?) beams connecting its limbs! 
Apparently the sets aren't really too complicated and I think Lego probably shouldn't have discarded all the old Lego bionicle weapon and mask molds after all... look at the designs now O_o Also, it seems like the masters will have gear functions like they did when they were Toa Mata/Toa Nuva, especially with Pohatu's back having an obvious gear sticking out. Overall I am excited for this!
Update as of 11 October 2014: I saw a finalised picture of Onua! He looks fine I guess. :P Also, he has PURPLE!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! His mask also looks quite good.

Written by Lynn

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