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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Soft toys talking 13

Here's Soft toys talking 13! By the way, the game playing chain has finally ended! :D
Elder sister penguin: *Walks to Harmony Bear's house to try out her new recipe of food along with her other friends.* Hey Duckie, do you think Harmony's new recipe will turn out great?
Duckie: It should be. I mean, she has been a great cook and baker! She even has cooking classes for soft toys who likes to cook and also opens a restaurant with a mini bakery!
Younger sister penguin: Wow, she can earn a lot of money from that!
*Smarty and Tubbie nods their heads in agreement.Then, they finally reached Harmony Bear's house.*
Elder sister penguin: Oooo! I can't wait to taste her new food!
Younger sister penguin, Duckie, Tubbie and Smarty: Me too!
Younger sister penguin: *Presses the doorbell.*
Harmony Bear: *Opens the door.* Come in! *Leads the soft toys to her dining table.* And this, is my new recipe! *Takes of the cap* This is what I call the smalad(Pronounced as 'small-led')! It is made from lettuce, carrots, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower added with mayonnaise and has some chicken meat hidden in the bottom of all those vegetables!
Everybody except Harmony Bear: Mmmm!!! Sure it looks tasty!
Harmony Bear: *Gives the 'sample' bowl to Younger sister penguin and gets 4 more bowls to put the smalad.*
*All the soft toys except Harmony Bear eats the smalad*
Everybody except Harmony Bear: Yummy! It's great, Harmony Bear!
Harmony Bear: Thank you! I'm putting this recipe up for those 2 shops I've opened! *Writes down all the steps to make the smalad in her recipe book.*
Elder sister penguin: Does anybody here wants to pay a visit to Hero Factory?
Duckie: As long as I don't see those scary talking heroes...
Elder sister penguin: I'm taking that as a no.
Harmony Bear: Hey, have any of you guys read my owner's best friend's blog's new part of his story?
Elder sister penguin: Yeah, I kind of saw it.
Duckie: Me too!
Smarty: Me three!
Tubbie: Is there such phrase as 'Me three'? *Rolls his eyes*
Smarty: Uh, maybe not. *Embarrassed*
Elder sister penguin: *Laughs.* Smarty, do you still remember saying that you wanted to play another game in one of our Lego Hero Factory MOCs interviews?
Smarty: Uh, that was part of my script, remember? *face palms*
Elder sister penguin: Oh yeah! I wrote scripts for the soft toys involved every time before I start the interview! *Face palms*
Harmony Bear: Why is everybody face palming? :p
Tubbie: I don't know. :p
Duckie: ROFLOL!!! *Laughs*
Younger sister penguin: Hey, Harmony Bear, I have seen in the newpapers a lot of restaurants went bankrupt because of your awesome food! What's your secret?
Harmony Bear: Practice, practice, practice! I even have a lot of regulars for my restaurants and every time the same customer comes into my restaurant, I'll change my cooking style of that particular food so that the customer will never get bored of my food!
Younger sister penguin: Oh... I see.
Elder sister penguin: Can we stop this now? It's getting way too long for our readers to read!
Harmony Bear: Oh yeah, good idea.
*All the soft toys bid farewell to each other(Elder sister penguin doesn't need to bid farewell to Younger sister penguin, by the way.) and went home.(Harmony Bear stays at her house of course. :p)*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Younger and Elder sister penguin



Harmony Bear


Written by Lynn

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