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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Soft toys talking exclusive: The arrival of a new soft toy

Harmony Bear: Okay, so who exactly is that new soft toy?
Duckie: I don't know.
Wish Bear: *Steps onto the stage.* Welcome everyone, today, we're going to present to you the newest soft toy: Baby Duckie!
*Everybody claps their hands as Baby Duckie steps out*
Harmony Bear: By any chance is he your brother?
Duckie: Of course not! Otherwise I would have known he's coming here already!
Elder sister penguin: But your names sound so similar.
Duckie: ||-_-
Elder sister penguin: Or is he your past self? :P
Duckie: You're talking nonsense! We don't even have time travelling technology yet
Elder sister penguin: I was just joking! 
Wish Bear: Now, Baby Duckie's going to say a speech. *Hands over the microphone to Baby Duckie*
Baby Duckie: Hello citizens of soft toy land! My name is Baby Duckie and I am 4 years old! I was bought by Younger sister penguin's owner.
*Some people soft toys gasp in horror*
Elder sister penguin: *Turns to Younger sister penguin* Is it true?
Younger sister penguin: Uh... Technically, yes.
Baby Duckie: Like any of the soft toys bought by Elder sister penguin or Younger sister penguin's owner, they will come into Soft toy land. I would like somebody to show me around soft toy land since I'm new to it. Thank you.
*Everybody claps their hands again.*
Secret Bear: *Whispers to Tubbie* Do you think he is cute?
Tubbie: Of course! He is one of the most cutest baby soft toys in soft toy land! Well, including Elder sister penguin and Younger sister penguin!
Secret Bear: Shhhh... Wish Bear's talking again.
Wish Bear: This is the end of the conference. You may leave now.
*All of the soft toys leave.*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.(Wish Bear is not a new soft toy. I bought her 1 or 2 years ago.)

Harmony Bear


Younger and Elder sister penguin


Secret Bear
Wish Bear

Baby Duckie
Written by Lynn

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