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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lego stop motion test: Sound effects

Here's a short stop motion I made to make the minifigures talk. My first stop motion test for sound effects failed, but since I've recently got back to it I made version 2 of it. I hoped you like this stop motion! BTW, this is what's happening in the stop motion if you think it's too fast.
One day, a girl minifigure goes into the yellow cross restaurant and the chef of the restaurant asks what she wants to eat. Then, she says that she wants to eat spicy pepperoni pizza but somebody overheard her saying that and rushed to the restaurant. Then, he sees the pizza being cooked. Because of his love of spicy pepperoni pizza he ran towards the counter and stove and gobbled up the pizza. The pizza was so spicy that it made him had fire come out of his head.(In really life of course you wouldn't see this happening when someone thinks a food is too spicy. :P)
Written by Lynn

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