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Monday, July 1, 2013

Soft toys talking 23

Elder sister penguin: Aw man! The holidays are ending! I'm going to be very busy again! :(
Duckie: I think I'm just as busy in the 'Holidays'. I still have to meet up clients in the holidays!
Harmony Bear: And I still need to operate my restaurant in the holidays too!
Tubbie, Smarty, Baby Duckie and Pineapple: Luckily for us, we are not grown ups nor did our parents die yet.
Elder sister penguin: Who over here likes to go to Soft toys talking 5 and read the jokes?
*Everybody raises their hands.*
Elder sister penguin: I didn't know everybody liked them!
Pineapple: Well, they are funny.
Elder sister penguin: How come I haven't been seeing Lego updates lately again?
Duckie: I don't know. By the way has anyone seen the brickfilm made by our owner which was posted yesterday?
Elder sister penguin: I did! I did!
Duckie: Do you find it... Uh, funny when the fire shot out of the minifigure's head because the pizza is too spicy?
Elder sister penguin: Yep! And I have a brain teaser for you!
Everyone except Elder sister penguin: Bring it on!

Elder sister penguin: 'A boy was named Jimmy Fun Lover when he was 5 years old. 3 years later, his name became Mickey Ivy Octagon. Why did his name change?'
*All of the soft toys except Elder sister penguin start discussing, but Smarty already knows the answer because he got this brain teaser before.*
Smarty: *Walks to Elder sister penguin* His name changed because his first initials were JFL, but 3 letters ahead of J,F and L is M, I and O which is his initials 3 years later.
Elder sister penguin: Correct!
Everybody except Smarty and Elder sister penguin: *Turns around and sees Smarty near Elder sister penguin* Smarty! Did you answer it already?!
Smarty: Yes.
Everybody except Smarty and Elder sister penguin: Aw man!
Smarty: You might want to know that I was faced by this brain teaser before.
Everybody except Smarty: Oh.
Here's the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Baby Duckie



Harmony Bear


Elder sister penguin
Written by Lynn

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