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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lego Ninjago Story: The Betrayal of Ryan, the Earth Ninja

Chapter 1: Attack of the Serpentine
Another group of ninja ventured into the woods, when suddenly, Skales and other Serpentine suddenly popped up from the ground.
"Woah oh, this doesn't look good!" Jack, the lightning ninja said.
"Hey, we are the protectors of Ninjago and we fought them before. Nothing to be scared of, Jack!" Jimmy replied. Then, Sam Darkness stepped out and takes out his golden sword of darkness.
"I guess this is the final time I see you... ninjas..." Sam Darkness grinned evilly. Then, they started fighting. It was a fierce battle and trees around them fell. It nearly hit Jimmy but fortunately, he was able to dodge it. Just then, Ryan ran away like a coward and was spotted by the Ice ninja of the team.
"Hey! Where do you think you are going?!"The Ice Ninja shouted. He kept silent. He just threw a shuriken in his direction and rendered him unconscious so that the ice ninja cannot tell them that he escaped. Then, the green ninja, Jake, saw him running away as well.
"Guys! Ryan is..." Before Jake could finish his sentence, Ryan threw a shuriken in his direction and he also fell unconscious.
"Jake, what is it that you wanted to... say?" Jimmy then saw Jake unconscious on the ground and saw a shuriken on his chest.
"What the..." Jimmy reacted. "Who could have done this?" He mumbled under his breath. By the time Jimmy noticed Jake's unconsciousness, Ryan had ran away...
Chapter 2: 3 down, 2 left
"It's two of us now, Jack. Ryan's nowhere to be seen, Jake and the ice ninja went unconscious!" Jimmy shouted.
"What? More than a hundred serpentine, versus two ninja?!" Jack replied in shock.
"We have to fight, for the sake of Ninjago!" Jimmy yelled. He then got his mech to go to where he was with a few signs with his elemental blade. Then, he jumped into the mech and started shooting at the serepentine. "With this baby, we'll get a good chance!"
"Yeah!" Jack yelled.
Meanwhile, Ryan was running towards his old ninja school and he started going to his old ninja ways. He didn't care what happened to his fellow teammates. He was plain cold blooded like how he used to be. He wanted war. He uses this to earn a living while on the other hand, if he becomes a protector of Ninjago, he gets nothing but fame, but its the money he needs.
At the battle scene, the two lone ninjas were still fighting of the serpentine, but it seems that the serpentine gains the upper hand once again.
"What do we do, leader? They are gaining the upper hand!" Jack asked nervously. Then, Sam Darkness went to where he was and starting hitting him with his sword of darkness.
"Don't you think I've forgotten about you, mister lightning ninja." He grinned evilly. Jack managed to block it with his sword, but he was not able to hold it longer and he fell onto the ground.
"Soon, you'll turn into a dark matter ninja! Mwahahahahahahaha!" Sam Darkness bellowed. Soon, Jack lost grip over his sword and it was thrown onto the ground. Sam Darkness then poked his sword on Jack's body, and also tied strings on his arms and legs to nail him to the floor.
"In 5 days, you'll turn evil and join us!!! Ha ha ha!" Sam Darkness boasted. Tied with strings, Jack could not get up. 
He cried, "Oh no, this will be the end of me!" Then, he suddenly fell unconscious which was a side effect of the venom.
"Hey, where are you Jack?!" Jimmy yelled. He was nowhere in his sight. "I'm on my own now." Jimmy mumbled. Then, he continued fending them off until he was vastly outnumbered by the serpentine's other vehicles so he had to retreat. But even when retreating, his mech was hit.
"Ahhh!!!" He yelled as he was shot off his mech due to it getting hit too many times. A loud thud was heard as he hit the hard ground.
Chapter 3: Trapped
"Urgh... AH!" As soon as he regained consciousness, he was found it a room. It was like the kind of ninja school look. Just then, he saw Ryan, the ninjas teachers, Sam Darkness and the serpentine that attacked them earlier.
"So... you had planned this out a long time ago, didn't you?" Jimmy asked Ryan.
"Oh yes indeed. I had been wanting to get out of this group long time ago, but I had to hold it. I was now fed up so I contacted my ninja school to get the serpentine to start a huge battle." Ryan replied.
"YOU TRAITOR!" But when Jimmy wanted to punch him, he ends up falling down as he was tied to a chair.
"HA HA HA! Look at this everyone! This hilarious move is coming from a random coloured ninja!" Ryan mocked him. The ninja teachers and the serpentine started laughing.
"You'll get it from me after I escape this mess!" Jimmy shouted.
"Not when people on your side are lost..." Ryan grinned. The three ninjas, two hit by the infected shuriken and the other by Sam's sword of darkness stared at Jimmy with red eyes, while holding onto their weapons firmly, preparing to attack.
"Urgh..." Jimmy stammered.
"Heh heh, I guess you can't get me anymore..." He grinned.
"You're a true ninja indeed. Always backstabbing people. And also a great disguising person. I'm guessing you got A star for your ninja school grades?" Jimmy said.
"Yep. And, we'll keep you here until I feel comfortable to release you. We will only give you a meal's plate per day, so make sure you save up some for the other 2 meals." He grinned again.
"What?! But..." Jimmy was cut off by Ryan.
"We do this to all prisoners, former leader. No need to go buts about." He replied.
"So you'll harm me in my whole stay here?" He asked.
"Yes indeed. Why would we let our prisoners have a good life here? At least you are lucky that they don't spank you everyday like in a police station. You are going to be spanked 4 days in each week."
"WHAT?! I'm your leader after all, mind you!" He shouted at him.
"You are now my former leader now, mister." He replied. Then, all of the ninjas and serpentine left the room and locked it, except for two muscular ninjas which stood near the prison's exit as prison guards. One of them lifted the chair to its normal position, then untied the strings. So that's why they placed this guys here... they are scared that I would escape because of not having the strings tied. Jimmy thought. This is trouble... I must bring my 3 other ninja friends back to who they were...
Chapter 4: Escape fail
Suddenly, Jimmy thought of an idea. He knocked out one of the guards, but unfortunately was tackled by the other and his legs was tied onto the chair. They are too strong for me... I don't even have muscles while they do! Jimmy thought. I guess I would be staying here in a while... He sighed, and looked out of the prison window. The muscular men stood there and watched him for hours, but at night, the prison guards will switch from morning duty to midnight duty. This stayed for days and days, and one day, it was a surprise spanking day. Jimmy was untied from the chair and was spanked by his corrupted teammates.
"Ouch! OUCH! Stop it!" Jimmy yelled. Then, Ryan entered the prison cell.
"Oh, I have forgotten about this, but you'll be spanked 30 times at the days you get spanked." Ryan informed Jimmy.
"What..." Jimmy started becoming weaker after the second last spank. After the last spank, he fell unconscious on the ground.
"What a weakling! Prison guards, insert dark matter into him and put the speeding up an effect's potion!" Ryan ordered the prison guards.
"Yes sir!" They replied. One put in the dark matter in him which supposedly took 5 days after getting diluted, but the other put the speeding up an effect's potion which reduces the time to taking twenty-four hours to become bad.
Chapter 5: Evil is near...
After a day, Jimmy turned bad like the other three ninjas. Ryan enters his prison cell.
"Prison guards, set him free for he has become evil!" He commanded.
"Yes sir!" The prison guards replied. They unlocked the door and let him out of the cell.
Jimmy said,"What shall I do for you, master?"
"Attack the citizens of Ninjago!" Ryan ordered.
"Yes, master." Jimmy replied.
"Mwahahahahahaha, mwhahahahahahaha!" He laughed. Then, Jimmy went out of the Ninja school and started wreaking havoc in Ninjago.Kai, Jay, Cole, Lloyd and Zane went there and started defending Ninjago from the corrupted ninja.
"Look! That ninja has red eyes!" Kai pointed out.
"According to my sensors, it seems that he is corrupted by dark matter!"Zane told Kai.
"Come on, I thought what Lloyd did has made Ninjago rid off the evil?" Cole complained.
"Uh, I think we got more complicated problems on our hands." Jay said as he saw the serpentine, the rogue ninja,the ninja teachers and the other four corrupted ninjas.
"Yeah... I wish we had our golden weapons here." Kai responded.
"Look! The earth driller is coming!" Cole points to the earth driller which was driven by Darreth. Then, Nya came in her Samurai suit and mech.
"This doesn't seems anything good, master." Jack told Ryan. "I suggest we retreat."
"Retreat? You have got to be kidding me. We have way more people than those guys!" Ryan replied.
"I guess." Was Jack's response. Then, they started fighting. Many serpentine were brought down by Nya's mech. The five ninja split up to fight the corrupted ninja of each element. Jay was brought down by Jack, then Jack went to help Ryan bring down Cole.
"Urgh... Must... hold... it..." Cole groaned as he tried to block Ryan and Jack's attacks. Meanwhile Kai and Jimmy keeps shooting and dodging flames from each other. Zane and the ice ninja of Jimmy's team shot ice at each other, attempting to freeze each other. Soon, Cole was brought down by Jack and Ryan and they split up to help Jimmy and the ice ninja of their team.
"Uh oh, this is not good!"Zane said as he was nearly going to be nailed down by Jack and the ice ninja of their team. Then, he kicked Jack's foot which made him tripped and let him have a chance to push away the ice ninja. Then, he froze the ice ninja and started fighting with Jack.
"Oh come on! Why do I have to fight 2 people at the same time?!" Kai complained when Ryan came to help Jimmy.
"Because our leader is done with Cole, so he came to help me fight you." Jimmy replied. Meanwhile, Jake was fighting Lloyd, who has way better powers than Jake, and used his light powers to turn him good.
"Urgh... what just happened?" Jake asked.
"You were corrupted by Dark matter, don't you know?" Lloyd replied.
"I guess my memory's failing..." Jake said.
"Anyway, we need you to help turn your friends back to the good side." Lloyd interrupted his sentence.
"But Ryan," He sighed. "Has turned rogue. He isn't infected by anything."
"Oh. Then I shall bring the light to the corrupted ice, fire and lightning ninja!" Lloyd yelled. Then, he used his light powers and shot Jimmy, Jack and the ice ninja which turned them good.
"Ouch... Wait, I'll get revenge from you Ryan for betraying our team!" Jimmy said after being turned back to good.
"All serpentine and fellow ninja teachers, retreat!!!" Ryan yelled at the top of his lungs, fearing for defeat. 
Chapter 6: Bring down of the traitor
Despite retreating, his forces were still hit by the nine ninjas, the samurai mech and the earth driller. In the end, the only person still running was Ryan and he was caught by Jimmy.
"Hah! What a coward! Too bad you couldn't escape with your forces down now!" Jimmy boasted.
"Grrr... is this really a fail? I don't think so, for I have a Plan B! MWAHAHAHAHAHA, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Ryan laughed. He elbow hit Jimmy and jumped onto his ninja jet. It look like Jay's storm fighter, but it is instead pitch black, instead of having blue and gold. He flew off in that and started shooting flash bombs installed on the vehicle at the ninjas. When the blinding light was gone, Ryan was also gone.
Sensei Wu said,"There is nothing we can do to change the past, but we can always affect the future."
Jimmy sighed, looked and pointed at the sky and said, "I'LL GET YOU SOMEDAY, YOU TRAITOR!"
The end.
That's it for now and I hoped you enjoyed this story!
Written by Lynn

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