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Monday, November 18, 2013

Soft toy talking exclusive: Duckie and Harmony Bear's new house-part 1

*On Soft toy book...*
Private 2 person only chat...
Duckie: Harmony Bear! Should we buy a new house? After all, we're married for 4 months already! It's time for us to buy a house for both of us to stay!
Harmony Bear: Of course, Duckie! But where on earth do we go to see where are new houses going to be built?
Duckie: I have no idea.
Harmony Bear: Wait, I know! We can go to a website called'STLDB' stands for 'Soft Toy Land Development Board and there's no such website so please don't go and comment there's no such website and  this pink part is not included in the conversation)!
Duckie: Huh? What's that?
Harmony Bear: It's a website which shows house developments in progress and new places for houses which we can buy!
Duckie: Oh really? That'd be just great!
Harmony Bear: Erm... are you free?
Duckie: Yep... why?
Harmony Bear: Can you help check that website? I'm working in my own restaurant as a chef.
Duckie: Sure! See you!
Duckie has left the chat.
Harmony Bear: Well... bye!
Harmony Bear has left the chat.
In Duckie's house...
Duckie: *Types '' into the search box and goes to that website. Then, he clicks on 'What's new!' box. There, he sees 'Which houses are you looking for?' and the shown links are flats and private properties. Seeing as he and Harmony Bear are both currently rich, he decided to click private properties. He sees a page which reads: 'Sorry! There isn't private properties that are going to be built once bought at the moment!'* (Thinking: Seriously? No private properties available for buy? Geez...) *He then clicks the back arrow that's on the left side of the search box and goes back to the previous page, which he clicks on 'flats'. There's a huge variety of flats, but he doesn't really like any of its location. He also has to think ahead of what would be needed if they had ever born a child. He wants the house to be near schools, public transport and a shopping centre, however, the flats either had none or some of his requirements* (Thinking: Forget it! I'm not gonna find anything from the new house section!) *Slams his wing on his desk and goes to Soft toy book to tell Harmony Bear*
In soft toy book...
(Still private 2 person chat)
Duckie: Harmony Bear, I cannot find any suitable house!
In Harmony Bear's restaurant...
*A notification appears on Harmony Bear's phone as it makes a sound*
Harmony Bear: Huh? *Takes out phone and sees notification.* Oh... Duckie's done already... *Slides the screen where it says 'Slide to view' and reads Duckie's message.* (Thinking: Huh? He can't?)
In soft toy book...
Harmony bear: How come? Isn't there a wide variety of houses?
Duckie: Of course, duh, but I cannot find a house which has my requirements which are having a nearby shopping centre, school and public transport!
Harmony Bear: So you have the same requirement of houses as me!
Duckie: Oh. Ha ha!
Harmony Bear: Then I guess we would need to sell either one of our houses to live with each other!
Duckie: Erm... not mine... After all, it's near the school, it's a spacious house, it's near a bus stop and it has a shopping mall nearby!
Harmony Bear: True indeed, Duckie! Maybe I should sell my house... I only have a nearby public transport.
Duckie: Okay, it's said then! Once you sell your house, you can bring in your furniture into my house and see which ones should we sell,keep or throw away!
Harmony Bear: Okay! I'll go and tell a lawyer I want to sell my house!
Duckie: Who is this lawyer that you speak of?

Harmony Bear: Well... technically someone that I know, but you don't. Anyway I'll tell you her name: Love a lot Bear. Well, once I'm done with my work for the day, I'll be going to tell her I want to sell the house!
Duckie: I guess...
Harmony Bear: Oh my! A new customer means more cooking for me! See you!
Harmony Bear has left the chat.
Duckie: See you!
Duckie has left the chat.

1 day later...
Harmony Bear: *Goes to Rakoa court and asks for Love a lot Bear. The guard leads her to Love a lot Bear's office/desk and she starts speaking to her.* Erm... Love a lot Bear?
Love a lot Bear: *Spins her chair around* Yes? *Sees Harmony Bear* Oh, it's you, my old friend! How have you been lately? I haven't heard of you since Primary 4!
Harmony Bear: You're working part time and you just gotten this job?
Love a lot Bear: Yep. Well, you see, my parents are facing financial problems so I had to come out and work if I wanted to go all the way to university.
Harmony Bear: But how on earth do you know what to do by being a lawyer?
Love a lot Bear: I'm not working on big cases, mind you. I work on minor things like house selling-
Harmony Bear: Oh that's great! You know why?
Love a lot Bear: Don't tell me you want to sell the house left by your parents?
Harmony Bear: Erm... yes. After all, if you haven't heard, Duckie and I-
Love a lot Bear: You're married?! :O
Harmony Bear: Erm... yes. Wow, law business stuff sure does spread quickly. :P
Love a lot Bear: You're selling the only thing your parents left for you-
Harmony Bear: Nah, they left a couple of stuff for me besides the flat which I bought with the remaining money that they had given me because... Well, I used to live in private property and I'd love to get back to my old rich life. They had given me a few furniture that used to be in the private property when they were rich, and I'm going to move the furniture to Duckie's house once that house gets sold and we'll decide which should we keep, sell or-
Love a lot Bear: Okay, stop. I don't think I'm here for you to discuss about what you are going to do with whatever's inside your house. Well, so you really want to sell your house?
Harmony Bear: Yes.
Love a lot Bear: Okay, you've said it! I'll prepare a contract for you and I'll try and find someone in need of a house! *Goes to her computer and starts typing the document.*
To be continued in part 2! I know the front was mostly soft toy book chat, but after all, how do you meet each other and talk to each other when one of them is in the middle of work? Anyway, here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Duckie and Harmony Bear
Love a lot Bear

Written by Lynn

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