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Monday, February 24, 2014

A website to get free Facebook Credits/Gift cards

Well, do you still remember this picture from one of my posts this year? Well, I'm posting this picture AGAIN because I just found an awesome website to get free Facebook Gift cards/credits just by sharing the referral link they give you! Click to visit the website. So to get 2360 Facebook credits you need to get 20 clicks on the referral link(1 click=1 point). To get a $25 gift card you'll need to get 30 clicks on the referral link you get and this is especially useful for people in countries that don't have Walmart to buy the cards or for people that just DON'T want to spend their money for that. By the way, there are lots of other things you can get too with getting the points. Just click that link I put and you can see the offers available. That's it for now!

Written by Lynn

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