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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lego update 20

It's been awhile since I've done a Lego update as usual BUT I came with sad news: My Lego city is disassembled. COMPLETELY. Except for a few things that I like and decided to keep them. Otherwise, the rest are all disassembled. Here's a picture of it now.

Yes I love the Yellow Cross Restaurant a lot it is probably one of my more favourite creations of all time. And yes you kind of saw quite a bunch of my recent Hero Factory MOCs and there's also a brick separator holder in the picture. :P 
I didn't disassemble the cars because they ALL have black pieces and my black and grey pieces collection is already overflowing so much that some of the pieces had to be moved to where my purple pieces were 'staying at'(my purple bricks aren't in the same containers as my other Lego bricks). 
Also I made a brick separator holder because first of like I said in my Lego torch light MOC post I said that I had already disassembled it and I wanted to find some use for my light brick because honestly speaking I don't know where should a precious piece like that should be put, secondly I can sometimes misplace my brick separators and when I need to disassemble MOCs which requires them I would be very frustrated trying to find them and third I wanted to use up some of my pieces because I AM HAVING A BRICK OVERFLOW. :P 
Anyway actually honestly speaking only my black and grey bricks and white bricks collection are overflowing the rest aren't. My red bricks are close to though, so it might be a good thing that I don't disassemble my yellow cross restaurant now because then I have no space to place my red bricks and I got no other containers. Oh and by the way because this thing has been sitting around for a year and a few months some of my bricks were very dusty and I had to clean them up with water. :P
Anyway that's it for now and if you ever see a Lego update it might be just an update in general not a Lego city update anymore!

Written by Lynn

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