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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lego Hero Factory Invasion from Below set review: Rocka Stealth Machine

Here's a Lego Hero Factory Invasion from Below set review of Rocka Stealth Machine! I bought this at The Brick Shop yesterday. Here are 9 pictures of it.

Rocka Stealth Machine and jumper

Rocka Stealth Machine(back view)

Close up on jumper

Close up of Rocka in the cockpit

Rocka w/ out helmet back view

Rocka w/ out helmet back view

Rocka w/ out hero armour and helmet front view

Rocka w/ out hero armour and helmet back view

Jumper in container... thingy I guess :P

Minifigure+jumper: They're okay... I guess. They aren't the best Lego stuff... but still okay...I would LOVE to use Rocka's minifigure parts for the minifig version of my Self MOC but apparently there aren't any purple so I might have to use my purple modelling clay... But whatever they are good. However, one thing I dislike is how come the jumper has a tan 1 1/2 pin used to connect the black and orange parts together? It's so off colour scheme! But thanks to the function on the jumpers I will give a 0.5 point more. Here's the function.


Mecha: I am a little utterly disappointed with its physical appearance, especially when on the package it appears to be very bulked up and looks very armoured but when you actually build it it doesn't seem quite like I expected. I'm very disappointed. (5/10)
Pieces: YAY PIECES I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! Enough said, let's go to the new pieces I get in this set and pieces that are rare that I get more of in this set.
New(to me):
1. Black 5 long armour piece(Yes at last I got these and in this set came 4!)
2. The jumper container piece in transparent bright green
3. lightsaber piece in bright green
4. Lime green cockpit piece that has the 2 minifig sized hooks for Exo-force claw thingy
5. transparent black/brown cockpit
6. Rocka minifig helmet
7. Rocka minifig arms
8. Rocka minifig legs
9. Lime green head
10. Technic hinge w/ pin size connector at the end
1. Black version of the armour add-on piece that is on the mecha's 'shoulder'
2. Gunmetal grey/dark pearl grey feet
3. Gold 3 long armour piece
4. Gunmetal grey/dark pearl grey 4 long armour piece
5. Transparent green bottom half breakout shooters
Total: 24.5/30
That's it for now and I hope this review helped you!

Written by Lynn

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