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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lego Hero Factory Self MOC: Shaun burst

I know viewers out there are wondering why I'm not posting any Lego Hero Factory or Lego Ninjago MOCs (My Own Creations) when I previously posted an announcement that I will post a Lego Hero Factory or Lego Ninjago MOC on the 15th of June. But now, it's finally here! Today, I'm going to review my Lego Hero Factory self MOC, Shaun Burst.

Shaun Burst

His colour scheme is: purple, gold, gunmetal grey and orange.  Here's his profile:

Name: Shaun Burst

Type (2.0, 3.0 and series 4/breakout): series 4/breakout

Personalty: Hot headed, impatient, wise and no sense of humor 

Weapons: Lightning sniper rifle and fire crossbow
Extras: Jet pack
Role: Sniper
Element: Lightning
Part of the Backup team.(A custom team that I made)


Shaun Burst was originally a villain created on lightning planet.  His unique armour piece (the golden armour with the joker's lightning piece) was struck by lightning and eventually, he came to life. He is a bio-mechanical and he wanted to join the Hero Factory ever since he was created. However, his friends persuaded him to stay on lightning planet. He listened to them and wrecked havoc with his lightning sniper rifle and fire crossbow. He even damaged Makuhero city. He was eventually captured and imprisoned by Hero Factory heroes.

Shaun Burst was bored in prison and was so angry and crazed that he keep touching the lasers and end up setting off the alarm. During the breakout, he happily escaped and went for freedom. Tim Blast was built to capture him and get him back to prison. However, he surrendered and said, 

"I will go back to prison. I want to say something to Zib." 

He was desperate to become a hero at that time and when he reached the Hero Factory, he asked Zib,

"Can I become a hero? It is my dream to become a hero and catch villains, secure the citizens and make the cities more comfortable for everybody. Please? I beg of you, please!" 

Zib answered, "Ok ok. Go ahead and go to the assembly and upgrade yourself. We have a mission for you." 

So Shaun Burst went to the assembly and got some upgrades such as a jet pack and a breathing tank. He was needed to catch Slimey Reepa (A villain in the Hero Factory universe but a hero in the Bionicle universe. I'm going to review him soon, though). 

Shuan managed to catch Slimey Reepa and was praised by Zib.

"Awesome Burst! You managed to catch Hero Factory's worst nightmare, Slimey Reepa! Congratulations! You have proved that you have what it takes to become a hero!"

Written by Lynn