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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lego bricks arrangement tour!

Here's a tour of how I arrange my bricks! First, I sort them into 2 groups- system bricks and technic bricks with Hero Factory parts. Here are 2 pictures.

System bricks
Hero factory and technic parts
I sort the system brick parts mostly by colour but some are categorized by types like the minifigure parts or the transparent bricks. The wheels are sorted into a completely different part. Here's a picture of the wheels and other special parts.

I had to separate them because I had no space to put them in the drawer which I placed most of my system bricks. Here are some pictures which show all the colours and types in my Lego system bricks.

Orange bricks

Yellow bricks

Blue bricks
Black and grey bricks

White bricks

Green bricks
Red bricks

Transparent and other coloured bricks

Brown bricks

Minifigure bricks
I hope you like the tour!
Written by Lynn

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