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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Soft toys talking 2

Here's another post of soft toys talking!!!
*After Younger sister penguin gets home...*
???: Ssssssssssssss
Younger sister penguin: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder sister penguin: *Turns on the lights* Aw, it's just our friend snake. Did he scare you?
Younger sister penguin: Oh sure he did!
Snake: What can I have for my lunch?
*A cockroach comes out behind a cabinet.*
Younger sister penguin: AHHHHH!!!! COCKROACH!!!!!!
Elder sister penguin: AHHHHH!!!!!!
Snake: Yay! A cockroach! *Starts eating it very quickly.*
Harmony Bear: *Goes into the penguin's house with Duckie* Where's the fish....
Duckie: And the worms?
Younger sister penguin: At the dining table. Make yourselves at home!
Duckie and Harmony Bear: Thanks! *Both start eating and chatting*
Younger sister penguin: Isn't your owner's blog getting popular?
Elder sister penguin: Sure it is! I should ask her whether she had gotten 5000+ page views already.
*After seeing my computer...*
Elder sister penguin: What the....
Younger sister penguin: Did she? Did she?
Elder sister penguin: *sighs* Yes.
Younger sister penguin: Yay!!!! She should do another celebration post!
Elder sister penguin: I need to find time to talk to her.
Younger sister penguin: Awwww. Alright. :(
*After telling me...*
Elder sister penguin: She's going to do it!
Younger sister penguin: Do what?
Elder sister penguin: 5000+ page views special!
Younger sister penguin: Hip hip, hurray! *Jumps and squashes elder sister penguin*
Elder sister penguin: Ouch...
Younger sister penguin: Oops, sorry. She should really aim for
10 000 page views now!
Elder sister penguin: *Stomach grumbles* Urgh, I'm hungry. Let's eat!
Younger sister penguin: Yay!
These are the photos of all the soft toys I mentioned in this post.


(Left to right)Younger sister Penguin, Elder sister penguin 

Harmony bear


Written by Lynn


  1. Congrats! But why would elder sister penguin sigh? I thought she loves your blog?? Plamb:)


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