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Monday, April 29, 2013

Interview with Soft toys: Elder sister penguin

Here's interview with soft toys, Elder sister penguin! For this one, it will be the reverse: My Hero Factory MOCs will interview the soft toys! So, Shaun Burst will be interviewing the soft toys that are up.
Shaun Burst: Elder sister penguin, how's life?
Elder sister penguin: Great! I get to play with my friends, eat good treats etc.
Shaun Burst: What do you usually do in your free time?
Amos Swordman: What's happening? Who's interviewing who?
Shaun Burst: CUT!!!!!!*The cameraman AKA Robert Claw stops the camera.* What are you doing here, Swordsman? I'm halfway through an interview! *Face palms*
Amos Swordman: But... but...
Shaun Burst: NO BUTS!!! Please go out of the interview room, can you? I promise I'll tell you what's happening after the interview.
Amos Swordman: *sigh* Alright... *Walks away grumpily*
Shaun Burst: And...
Mark Sniper: Burst, hurry up! Your team is leaving for a mission!
Shaun Burst: Why don't you take over while I go for the mission?
Mark Sniper: Never mind, I'll tell them that you won't be going for some important matters.
Shaun Burst: Good. And action!
Robert Claw: *Starts camera*
Elder sister penguin: Play games with my friends, build some stuff with Lego, you know, like our owner.
Shaun Burst: Okay. Who is your best friend?
Elder sister penguin: Duckie and Harmony Bear!
Shaun Burst: Cut!
Robert Claw: *Stops the camera* Hope you enjoyed the interview!
Here are the pictures of the soft toys and Hero Factory MOCs mentioned in this post.

Elder sister penguin

Amos Swordsman

Shaun Burst
Mark Sniper
Written by Lynn

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