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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lego Story: Fire in Yellow Cross Restaurant

Here's a Lego Story called 'Fire in Yellow Cross Restaurant'! Here's the plot:
In Sandy Avenue 11, there was only one restaurant which was the Yellow Cross Restaurant. However, because the owner of the restaurant did not have enough sleep, while he was cooking, he slept and never realized that his grill's fire was getting out of control. Will the only restaurant around this area get burnt to shreds, or will the Fireman patrolling around Sandy Avenue 11?
Chapter 1: Sleepiness
"Ring!!! Ring!!!" The owner of Yellow Cross Restaurant's alarm clock rang. As he did not have a good sleep, he pressed the snooze button. Five minutes later, it rang again and he had to wake up or he will open up the restaurant late. While brushing his teeth, he nearly fell asleep. Then, he woke up again and finished brushing his teeth. After that, he changed his pajamas to the chef's clothes. He walked down the staircase grouchily and stood at the counter. While waiting for customers, he slept again because of the bad sleep he had today.
Chapter 2: Angry customers
"Hello? Are you sleeping?" Surfer girl asked the chef. Then, he woke up and saw everybody looking at him, furious with rage.
"Sorry,"The chef replied, embarrassed.  "What's your orders?"
"I would like to eat a cheese burger."The SWAT police officer told him.
"I would like to eat a chicken burger." The business woman replied. After the rest of the customers said their order, he fell asleep again.
"HEY!!!!!!" All the customers in the restaurant shouted.
The chef replied, "Sorry, I didn't have a good sleep today."Then, he started cooking the first order which is the cheese burger. While cooking, he fell asleep again while the customers were not really looking, but waiting impatiently. After a while, he finished cooking the burger.
"There you go,"He said to the SWAT police officer.
"Thank you,"The SWAT police officer replied, looking like he was a little bit disgusted with the chef. After that, the chef started cooking the second order, which was the chicken burger.
Chapter 3: Burning fire in the restaurant
While cooking the chicken burger, he fell asleep again and nobody noticed. Due to his sleep, soon, the grill's fire went out of control and the seats near the counter was starting to catch the fire.
"Ahhhhh!!! Fire!!! Fire!!! Somebody, help us press the alarm!!!" The minifigure who sells a lot of daily used items shouted. Immediately, the cameraman went to press the green button, which was the fire alarm.
"Hurry, evacuate!!!" Surfer Girl warned the rest. Everybody started going out through the fire escape door and ran for their lives, while the chef was still left in the restaurant fire. Then, Surfer Girl called the fireman who is patrolling around Sandy Avenue 11.
"Fireman, we have got some fire at Yellow Cross Restaurant!" Surfer Girl told the fireman worriedly.
"Don't worry, I'm coming here in a minute," The fireman replied. However, the truth is, the fireman was a distance away from Sandy Avenue because it was his day off and he wanted to shop for some new Lego sets. "Will I make it in time?" The fireman asked himself.
Chapter 4: Rushing to the fire scene
"Must reach there in time!" The fireman mumbled. On the express way, he drove on 99MPH, which was quite close to 100. As Shopping Spree Avenue 22 was quite far away from Sandy Avenue 11, he was rather worried that he could not reach there in time. Meanwhile at the restaurant, the flames were starting to spread. The Surfer Girl stared helplessly at the chef and the flames burning in the restaurant. 
"When will the he come?" She mumbled. "He told me he'll be here in a minute and now it's pass a minute!" Still staring at the flames, she heaved a deep sigh and a tear started to come out from her eye.
"Goodbye, chef and Yellow Cross Restaurant. Although your food has been the best and our only restaurant, it looks like it will be going off. Rest in peace, chef." Then, she walked away.
Chapter 5: Putting out the fire
When the fireman arrived, the fire was already occupying the first floor. However, even so, he has to rescue the chef who is still inside the building. He wore his oxygen tank, gloves and oxygen mask. After that, he took his fire extinguisher and walked into the building.
Fortunately, he was able to put out most of the fire which was blocking his way to the chef. He saw him lying unconsciously on the counter and immediately carried him outside. After that, he put out the rest of the fire and called the ambulance. Then, he administered CPR to the chef while waiting for the ambulance. When the ambulance arrived, he regained consciousness and paramedics put him on a stretcher. Then, he was put into the ambulance and sent to the hospital.
Chapter 6: Surprising news
On the night of the day, everybody was surprised to see that the World Lego News TV(television) station has announced that the restaurant was saved by the fireman. Immediately, everybody cheered loudly and chanted,"Yellow Cross Restaurant is save, Yellow Cross Restaurant is save, yay! The only restaurant here is save!" Then, the World Lego News person said it after the good news,"However, he has to stay in the hospital due to the severe burns on his skin. However, don't worry! In two weeks, our favourite restaurant will open up again!" Everybody watching the TV chanted again. After a long period of two weeks, it really did come back to business and the chef was discharged.
Written by Lynn

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