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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Soft toys talking 6

*All the soft toys gather at Harmony Bear's house.*
Harmony Bear: How's it going, penguins?
Elder sister penguin: My owner has troubles with downloading the app for the mobile workbook.
Duckie: Really? Why?
Elder sister penguin: IDK, though. Maybe it's because the Iphone type is too old for the app.
Duckie: Did she try again?
Elder sister penguin: *Shakes head* She gave up.
Duckie: Aww... I really wished to see how it looks like. :(
Harmony bear: *Hits Duckie's head.*
Duckie: Ouch! What was that for?!
Harmony Bear: May I just remind you that that is her phone now?
Duckie: Never mind, I was just joking!
Harmony Bear: Oh. 
Elder sister penguin: Did anybody see my owner's best friend's blog about April fools?
Harmony Bear: I did.
Duckie: Me too! It's so funny! Especially the last one!
Harmony Bear: Does anybody still remember the lame joke Duckie said two days ago? :p
Duckie: *Embarrassed*
Younger sister penguin: O_O Why are you asking that?
Harmony Bear: *sigh* Well, I'm really out of topics for talking today. We'll talk next time.
Younger sister penguin: But I haven't talked much yet! :(
Harmony Bear: Sorry, next time. *Leaves living room and goes to the bedroom*
Duckie: Well, since our 'hoster' went to sleep, we should go home too.
Elder sister penguin: Aww.... Alright. :( *Leaves house with her younger sister and takes bus number 144 home.*
Duckie: (Thinking)Come to think of it, I should leave too. *Goes out and takes bus number 259 home.*
Guys, I know this is boring, but bear with it because I'm really running out of ideas. Here are the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Younger and Elder sister penguin

Harmony Bear

Oh, BTW, there will be a new soft toy coming up in soft toys talking 7, so stay tuned!
Written by Lynn


  1. You said "Bear with it", it's supposed to be bare with it!! Plamb:)

  2. Here's the meaning I found for 'Bare' on the dictionary:
    '1. Lacking the usual or appropriate covering or clothing; naked: a bare arm.
    2. Exposed to view; undisguised: bare fangs.
    3. Lacking the usual furnishings, equipment, or decoration: bare walls.
    4. Having no addition, adornment, or qualification: the bare facts. See Synonyms at empty.
    5. Just sufficient; mere: the bare necessities.
    6. Obsolete Bareheaded.'
    The meaning I'm using for 'Bear' is 'to have a tolerance for something', not the animal bear.
    Reply by Lynn


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