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Friday, April 5, 2013

Soft toys talking 7

*Smarty and the penguins start talking while they have their lunch*
Elder sister penguin: How are you? Oh, do you like my food?
Smarty: Mmm! That reminds me of the food Harmony Bear cooks!
Elder sister penguin: Harmony Bear? Well, she was the one who taught me how to cook.

Smarty: What?! How come I didn't know that?!
Elder sister penguin: Because I never told you about it before.
Smarty: Oh... I see... Where's Duckie?
Elder sister penguin: He went to meet his client.
Smarty: What type of business does he do?
Elder sister penguin: *face palms* Are you serious?! What happened to your memory?! Didn't I told you that before?! I really want to hit my head against the wall after hearing your sentence.
Smarty: Happy late April fools! :p
Elder sister penguin: R U KIDDIN' ME?! That's a joke?!
Smarty: Yes. :)
Elder sister penguin: *face palms thrice/three times, then faints*
Here's a video of the trick Smarty played on Elder sister penguin:

Smarty: Hello? Are you still there?
Elder sister penguin: *Still unconscious from face palming three times.*
Smarty: Oh well, I guess I'll continue eating my lunch. *Continues eating*
*School bus reaches Elder and Younger sister penguin's house*
Younger sister penguin: I'm home! *Opens door* Huh? Smarty, what are you doing here?
Smarty: Having lunch with Elder sister penguin. Apparently she fainted after face palming three times in a row. :p
Younger sister penguin: Oh man! How am I going to get my food with fainted Elder sister penguin?!
Smarty: I don't know. May I help you to get the lunch?
Younger sister penguin: Sure!
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Younger and Elder sister penguin
Written by Lynn


  1. Great one! Btw have you seen my flying fries story part 2? All the chapters are longer than last time:) Plamb:)

    1. Yes, I did see it. Did you even see my reply on soft toys talking 6?
      Reply by Lynn


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