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Monday, May 6, 2013

Interview with Hero Factory MOCs: Amos Swordman

Here's the interview of Amos Swordman!
Elder sister penguin: Hey Amos Swordman! How's life?
Amos Swordman: A lot of villain fighting. Well, literally.
Elder sister penguin: Oh. When was the most recent villain fight and who is it?
Smarty: Hello Elder sister penguin! How's the interview...
Duckie: *Trips over his foot* GAH!!!!!! *Rolls into the interviewing room like a ball.*
Elder sister penguin and Harmony Bear: Oh no! Someone take the camera of the spot!!!
Amos Swordman: I got it! *Stops and takes the camera and tripod off the spot, but Duckie hits him.* Ouch! *Accidentally presses the release camera button and it starts flying in the air*
Younger sister penguin: *Walks into the interviewing room and sees the gigantic mess.* What the brickery brick is going...
Elder sister penguin and Harmony Bear: SOMEBODY CATCH THE CAMERA !!!
Younger sister penguin: Okay! *Catches the camera and everybody heaves a sigh of relieve.* Who exactly caused this mess?
Duckie: Sorry. *Amos puts the tripod back to it's spot while Duckie places the camera on it.*
Elder sister penguin: And action!
Harmony Bear: *Starts the camera*
Amos Swordman: 2 hunters which work for villains a lot.
Elder sister penguin: How do you feel about the incident just now, Swordman?
Amos Swordman: It was totally unexpected. And who was that rolling ball that hit me?
Elder sister penguin: *Sigh* Duckie.
Duckie: Sorry, I didn't mean it.
Amos Swordman: It's alright.
Elder sister penguin: What do you usually do in your free time?
Tubbie: *Crawls into the interviewing room* Can we talk, Elder sister penguin?
Elder sister penguin: CUT!!!!! *Harmony Bear stops the camera* What are you doing here, Tubbie? I'm not done with the last question!
Tubbie: *Sigh* Alright. *Crawls away*
Elder sister penguin: And...
Smarty and Younger sister penguin: Can we leave now?
Elder sister penguin: Yes. And action!
Amos Swordman: Practice my sword fighting skills, play computer games and meditate.
Elder sister penguin: Cut!
Harmony Bear: *Stops the camera* Hoped you like this(messed up) interview!
Elder sister penguin: How are people going to like this when it's so messy?
Harmony Bear: That's supposed to add in humour to the interview!
Elder sister penguin: Oh yeah!
Here are the pictures of the soft toys and Hero Factory MOCs mentioned in this post.

Amos Swordman

Younger and Elder sister penguin

Harmony Bear



Written by Lynn


  1. Nice interview! And Duckie is acting like Lamb... Hee hee!

    1. Yeah... I sort of got the idea from your interviews with soft toys. BTW, that was part of Duckie's script, not accidental.
      Reply by Lynn


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