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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Takanuva

Here's a Hero Factory Form of Takanuva, the original Toa of Light in the Bionicle universe! Here's a picture of him.

Takanuva was one of the characters from the Bionicle series and had sets released in 2003, 2008 and 2010. I wanted to use my custom head for the front axle hole masks and I just used it on him. After that, I started building and I thought it looked a lot like Takanuva, so I just put him as a Hero Factory Takanuva. When I searched youtube, in fact, there's no one who made a Hero Factory version of Takanuva! At first, I left nothing on the back of Takanuva's lower leg, but then, I wanted to put on those gold armour pieces from Bionicle stars, so I used LegoJang's custom legs that he used on his Breakout version of Stringer as I knew that the piece he used for the knees had enough cross axle holes for me to connect the armour to it. Now, here's the background of how he got himself upgraded to the Hero Factory system.
After all the bad guys were defeated, his homeland returned to peace, and he had nothing to do. His everyday life was just wandering around the island to find some parts for turning him back to his normal height. One day, he found out that there were a lot more villains outside his homeland and also saw on the news that Hero Factory responds to any planet with villains and it was on Makuhero City. After that, he started thinking how to travel there to get upgraded and hopefully return to his normal height. Then, he suddenly remembered he could assemble a vehicle from all the scrap parts he collected, so he quickly built one and drove that to Hero Factory. When he got there, he saw more than what he expected. Zib asked him,"Good afternoon sir. What would you like?" Takanuva replied,"I want to get upgraded with the new system. By the way, just call me Takanuva."
Zib said,"Okay, I'll get the assembly tower ready for you." Takanuva waited for a few minutes and Zib ran back, panting,"The assembly tower is ready. You may go in and upgrade yourself now." Takanuva walked in with a little nervousness, but still went in and was upgraded. He was very happy with the result as he returned to his normal height and had most of his original looks.
That's it for now!
Written by Lynn

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