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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lego hero factory stop motion: The Chronicles of Pyrax

Here's a stop motion that I'm going to make, called 'The Chronicles of Pyrax'! Here's a picture of its 'cover'.

Here's the plot.
Pyrax, one of the few Pyrox in the Pyrox species, is corrupted by a more advanced brain which has its weakness somewhere else instead of the red spikes. Many heroes had tried to take down this creature, but apparently they all came back, severely injured or can't even come back alive. Now, Shaun Burst is grouped up with Albert Breaker, Chris Arro and Preston Shademag to take down  this dangerous villain. Will they succeed in getting the brain off his head, or will they lose their lives or get severely injured?
I will release the first episode tomorrow! By the way, Stringer(I revamped breakout Stringer again) will make a slight appearance in one of the episodes.
Written by Lynn

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