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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lego ninjago/chima mech MOC

Here's my Lego ninjago/legends of chima mech MOC! Here are 2 pictures of it.

Jimmy, the fire ninja's mech

How the mech looks like after being modified by Rarak
Background: This mech was built by a lava ninja named Jimmy, who was a very techy guy. He used it a lot for fighting the snakes and the stone army in the mech. However, one time, Rarak, a friend of Sam Darkness, traveled to Ninjago and stole this mech away from Jimmy. He did some modifications to make it look like a wolf and at the same time, look like the mech has fire powers to really make it reassemble Wizo's abilities. It used to be a user controlled mech, but now it's a remote control mech due to the modifications made by Rarak. Rarak then gave this mech to Wizo which also happened to help aid him in a battle.
Written by Lynn

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