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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lego Legends of Chima set review: Eglor's Twin Bike

Here's a Legends of Chima set review of Eglor's Twin Bike! I bought it at Metro yesterday. Here are 3 pictures of it.

Eglor's Twin Bike(In bike mode) and Razcal's Raven Helicopter

Eglor's Twin Bike(In flying mode)

Close up of Eglor and Razcal(He has a different chi armour piece by the way.)
One thing that is cool about this set is you can put on the wings for Razcal when he is without his Raven Helicopter(Which I prefer calling jetcopter since it's so small and does not look like a helicopter and since it's half jetpack half helicopter, I will call it a jetcopter.). At first, I thought they only put on the wings for show, but they do include a pair of wings for him so that you can put it on when he does not use the jetcopter. Anyway, let's review the set!
Minifigures: Great detail, as usual for all other Chima minifigs. However, I did get a duplicate minifig(Razcal is the duplicate since I had him already, but I already made him into custom Chima minifigs so not really counted) but it's okay since like I said in the bracket, I made the first Razcal that I got into custom Chima minifigs.(10/10)
Vehicles: Eglor's Twin Bike is just great! It can transform into other vehicle even without rebuilding it! Good job Lego! Also, Razcal's jetcopter is cool too. Here are 2 videos: First one is how to transform Eglor's bike and second video is me spinning Razcal's jetcopter's propeller.

Pieces: There are a lot of new pieces in this one! Dark blue feather-like pieces, the blue steering wheel like pieces, the silver piece on top of the blue steering like pieces, a new yellow technic piece which has a cross axle hole and an axle sticking out etc. It also includes a piece that's just introduced in what people call as 'Summer 2013' sets.(10/10)
Total: 30/30
OH MY GOODNESS!!! WOULD YOU LOOK AT THIS IT DESERVED MY FULL MARKS RATING!!! I highly recommend this set and here's the ratings list up to this date.(There are sets with the same ratings so please don't comment that in the comments as they will be deleted and the ratings will be from highest rated to smallest rated.If there are sets with same ratings, I'll go by date.)(Also, a lot of the sets I've reviewed did not use the template I used for this review. I only came up with it when I reviewed Brain Attack Bulk.)
Eglor's Twin Bike(Today's review): 30/30(Highly recommended)
Set 6117: 29 and a half/30(Highly recommended)(Although probably some of you may need to buy from places like Ebay now because when I bought that, Metro was trying to get rid of those so that they can place more new Lego sets and it was on discount so I bought it.)
Kai's Fire Mech: 29 and a half/30(Highly recommended)
Wakz's Pack Tracker: 29/30(Highly recommended)
Crawley's Claw Ripper: 29/30(Highly recommended)
Set 60017: 28/30(Highly recommended)
Brain Attack Breez: 27/30(Recommended)
Pyrox: 27/30(Recommended)
Brain Attack Bulk: 26/30(Recommended)
Bruizer: 24/30(Recommended)
That's it for now and I hope you like this review!
Written by Lynn

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