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Saturday, June 1, 2013

School holiday games!- Lego race

Here is my school holiday game, called the Lego Race! Here's a picture of it.

Here are what each brick stands for:
Yellow- Starting point
Orange- Nothing special needed to do
Green- Use any Lego brick(As long as it's not a square) and place it in the space in the whole race track. You cannot place it flat on the ground(Or whatever surface you are playing on) unless you are the second person to place a brick, then you can put the brick flat on the first brick. If you step on this brick after somebody has put a brick, take another one and stack on top of the first brick. If the tower falls after you stacked a brick, you are to go back to the starting point. If all the bricks given to build the tower is all used up and it does not fall, you get to go to the nearest orange brick.
White- Get a 'skip Micro scale MOC building challenge' permission here.  Only if you step here, then you can choose to skip the blue brick's challenge and pretend it's a orange brick. Only one of these is on the board, so only if you're lucky enough, then you can step on this and get a choice if you want to skip the blue brick's challenge or not.
Blue- Build a micro-scale MOC within a minute with the given bricks. If the player does not build a proper micro scale MOC or does not build a micro scale MOC in time, he/she will have to step back 2 steps. If the player build a proper micro scale MOC within that minute, he/she can take 2 steps forward. (Recommendation: It's best to keep track your opponent's with a stopwatch. Otherwise, if you count mentally, you may count faster or slower than the minute.)
Red- Volcano Eruption!!!! Miss 2 turns.
Black-Ending point.
1 step= 1 2x2 brick size.
Players->2-4 players
Tokens for playing the game: Minifigures
That's it for now and I hope you like this game!
Written by Lynn

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