Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Custom woven paper wallet

Here's my custom orange and green woven wallet(AKA carrot woven wallet because the colours are like carrot colours :P)! Here are 3 pictures of it.

This is just basically my attempt to make a woven wallet with paper, make a card holder/pocket open from the side and make the card pockets/holders vertically(by vertically I really mean that the cards are put in vertically) standing by itself. I also tested out a new paper wallet size. Since I use A4 size paper for these wallets, instead of making the size 1/2 of an A4 size paper and 1/4 of an A4 size paper for the pockets, I made this wallet size 1/3 of an A4 size paper and 1/6 of an A4 size paper for the card holders/pockets, although the vertical pockets has a very different size. I think this is quite an appropriate size since you don't have to use too much paper. I used the book wrap to make it waterproof like I did with the pacman wallet. That's it for now!

Written by Lynn

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