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Friday, August 9, 2013

Soft toys talking 25(Happy National day Singapore!)

*In the penguins' living room...*
Elder sister penguin: OOH!! It's time for the National day parade show! Younger sister, quick! Let's view it on television!
Younger sister penguin: Yay! *Presses button 4 to view Channel S.* Look!
Elder sister penguin:  see the flag brought by the helicopters!
*Singapore's National Anthem plays*
Elder sister penguin: Did I see Duckie in the TV screen close up of the audience?
Younger sister penguin: Yes! I see him with Harmony Bear!
Elder sister penguin: Wow... It must feel good to be at the actual scene...
At the parade...
*National Anthem finishes.*
Harmony Bear: Duckie, when is this supposed to end anyway?
Duckie: No idea, I never checked the schedule.
Harmony Bear: What?! *Face palms*
Duckie: Sorry... I forgot.
Harmony Bear: Here comes the pledge!
*Everybody at the scene starts saying Singapore's pledge.*
At the penguin's home again...
Younger sister penguin: I want Singapore flag!
Elder sister penguin: Okay! *Finds Younger sister penguin's Singapore flag and gives it to her.*
Younger sister penguin: Yay! Singing singing!
Elder sister penguin: MARCHING SOLDIERS!!!
5 minutes later...
Elder sister penguin: Some boring performance... I'm going to do something else. *Walks to her room to look at the computer to wait.*
30 minutes later...
Younger sister penguin: Yay! Really singing!!
National day parade 2013 theme song:

Elder sister penguin: (Wishing) Please have love at first light, please have love at first light!
To Elder sister penguin's disappointment, the parade did not play the song, Love At First Light, or 2012's National Day Parade theme song.
At the parade again...
Duckie: Wait a minute, I thought it would usually end at 8 PM? How come it is still going?
Harmony Bear: No idea.
Duckie: *Face palm*
25 minutes later...
*National day parade ends and puts fire works. Everybody over there leaves and goes back home*
Here's the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.


Younger and Elder sister penguin

Harmony Bear
Written by Lynn

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