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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Update on custom sky paper wallet

Here's an update on my custom sky paper wallet! I really just updated the back and a little bit in the interior.

Back of sky paper wallet('n' stands for 'and')

I had to put my fingers there to open up the card holder so that you can see those vertical card holders because they are literally hidden. :P

The reason why I put all those Rubik's cubes and the Lego brick design at the back is really to show my love for it. (And yes I like Rubik's cubes just that I never really showed that I do before on the blog.) In the updated interior, I added 2 smaller vertical card pockets inside a horizontal card pocket because really, the cards are actually way smaller than the horizontal card pocket. Then, on the right one(it's right at the angle I took the picture but in reality it's actually on the left) I wrote a horizontal 'Ninjago!' and then the spinjitzu tornado below it. By the way, I'm going to show my Pacman design paper wallet soon!

Written by Lynn

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