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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Soft toy book chat 3

Here's soft toy book chat 3!
In group chat...
Harmony Bear has joined the chat
Harmony Bear: Urgh! I still can't understand what is up with those auto tittles!
Elder sister penguin has joined the chat
Duckie has joined the chat
Duckie: I understand your feelings, Elder sister penguin. I have the same problem too!
Smarty: *Joins the chat* Good grief! The moment I enter here I see a message with caps lock on!
In a pair chat...(For soft toys aged 9+, they can use group chat and pair chat. In other words, pair chat is only 2 users talking to each other. Soft toys below the age of 9 can only use pair chat so one of the older soft toys[Duckie] and a younger soft toy[Baby Duckie] is talking to each other now)
Duckie: Hello Baby Duckie! How are you?
Baby Duckie: Great! Quack quack!
Duckie: You know, if you're older than 9 years old, you can get to participate in group chat! Since you're 4 years old now, you still have to wait for 5 more years to get access to group chat.
Baby Duckie: What does 'participate' mean?
Duckie: Oh... er... I dunno how to explain it. Oh well, I'll quote from a dictionary. 
Baby Duckie: Okay!
Outside of soft toy book...
Duckie: *Opens a new tab and looks up on the internet on the explanation of participate* (Thinking: Yes! I found it!)
Inside of soft toy book...
Duckie: Ahh! Here it is! The meaning of participate is 'to take part in something'. Got it now?
Baby Duckie: Okay!
Back in group chat...
Tubbie: *Joins the chat* I heard from my owner that a new soft toy is here!
Elder sister penguin: We all heard that news already. *face palms*
Tubbie: Oh. :|
Harmony Bear: We all belong to the same owner right? No doubt every soft toy here knows that.
Duckie: Does the younger soft toys know?
Elder brother Smiley has joined the chat
Elder brother Smiley: What's up guys?
Duckie: Just talking about a new soft toy coming tomorrow.
Elder brother Smiley: Oh.
Elder sister penguin: BTW I heard from Younger sister penguin that you, your younger sister and Always There Bear are going overseas right after your exams are over.
Duckie: Oh really?
Elder brother Smiley: Erm, yes. 
Harmony Bear: Erm, I have a customer in my restaurant. Bye!
Harmony Bear has left the chat.
Elder brother Smiley: Does anyone here think that she is sending the message by phone?
Elder sister penguin: Me!
Smarty: Me too!
Tubbie: Me three!

Smarty: Huh? Me three?
Tubbie: It's just another way of saying 'me too!'!
Smarty: Oh well whatever.
Duckie: Oh no! I need to meet my clinic! Bye!
Duckie has left the chat.
At pair chat...
Baby Duckie: How come you took so long? I've been waiting for you for 15 minutes!
Duckie: Sorry Baby Duckie! I need to leave now! Bye!
Back to group chat...
Tubbie: Wow, most of the older soft toys- oh no my parents are wanting me to do homework! Bye!
Tubbie has left the chat.
Smarty: Good grief! 3 soft toys are gone!
Elder brother Smiley: Yeah... Geez...
Elder sister penguin: Is you sis ever going to come on?
Elder brother Smiley: Nah, she's doing assessment for her exams.
Elder sister penguin: Oh.
Elder brother Smiley: Oh yeah! I have homework to do! Bye!
Elder brother Smiley has left the chat.
Smarty: Bye! I need to leave chat! My parents are wanting me to do assessment for my exams!
Smarty has left the chat.
Elder sister penguin: Oh well... since no one's here, I might as well leave chat.
Elder sister penguin has left the chat.
Here are the pictures of the soft toys that participated in this chat.



Baby Duckie

Duckie and Hamrony Bear

Elder sister penguin

Elder brother Smiley
Written by Lynn

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