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Friday, November 1, 2013

A very happy Halloween brought to you by my Lego MOCs!(Stop motion)

Here's Lego Halloween stop motion with my Lego MOCs and Elder sister penguin! Here's the video.

Happy Halloween!
It's another year of Halloween! Although Elder Sister Penguin has never done a Halloween trick onto others before, she decided to do it: using a Lego pumpkin which uses Lego bricks to operate! Once she puts the brick inside the pumpkin, it glows its eyes in green. Later, when Wizo knew of this pumpkin, he went to tell many people, but everybody thought he was just kidding; for example, the Hero Factory hero Jovan Flame. Will he be quick enough to know that what Wizo is telling is the truth, or will he suffer the worse of the pumpkin?
I hope you liked the stop motion! (I never really liked the idea of using Elder Sister Penguin with the stop motion style and I nearly wanted to cheat but sadly, the 'cheating' method is no different from the difficulty in using the stop motion style.)
Written by Lynn

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