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Monday, January 27, 2014

Lego legends of chima set review: Crocodile Legend beast

Here's my Lego legends of chima set review, the Crocodile Legend beast! I bought this at The Brick Shop 2 days ago. Here's a picture of it.

Minifigure: It's a good thing Lego finally put Cragger in a more cheaper set. I mean, all the sets with Cragger, such as him vs Laval on speedorz, Cragger's command ship, and just all of the sets including him are too expensive for my taste, so I'm glad they finally put him in a cheaper set and let me be able to get him. And I think Cragger looks okay. (10/10)
Legend Beast: Okay, just what's up with the colour scheme?! I mean, like, why is there grey appearing on the croc's feet out of the blue? It just doesn't fit in! Especially when this 'legend beast' are supposed to be animals that we know of! Other than that I have no complains on it. (7/10)
Pieces: Like the Eagle legend beast, the winning part is the pieces again! :D More dark green and olive green pieces for MOC making! Those new claw 1x2 plate mold! :D The piece used for most of the crocodile's teeth! The gold vengious! (At last!) (10/10)
Total: 27/30
That's it for now and I hoped this review helped! 

Written by Lynn

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