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Monday, February 17, 2014

Lego Hero Factory Invasion from Below review: Splitter Beast VS Furno and Evo

Here's a Lego Hero Factory Invasion from Below review, Splitter Beast VS Furno and Evo! I bought this at Metro 2 days ago. Here are 16 pictures of the set.

Bigger part of Splitter Beast's head bites Evo while trying to hit Furno with the lamp post it is holding, while Furno tries to pull Evo out with the fire chain they are both holding

Bigger part of Splitter beast collapses and smaller part of Spliter beast comes out and bites Furno and Evo curls his fire chain over the top part of small Splitter beast in an attempt to pull his jaw up for Furno to escape 
Furno and Evo holding fire chain and their other accessories

Furno and Evo with fire chain on the floor, still with their accessories

Furno w/ armour and helmet
(front view)

Furno(back view)

Furno(top view)

Furno w/ out armour and helmet(front view)

Furno w/ out armour, head and helmet(back view)

Evo(front view)
Evo(back view)

Splitter beast with both parts together(front view)

Close up on bigger Splitter beast's head

Close up on smaller Splitter beast's head

Both parts of the beast separated

Both  parts of the beast together(back view)
To the review!
Minifigures: Yes some of you might be surprised but it is indeed that the heroes are downsized to minifigures. Why? Particularly because of sizing reasons. The creatures are supposedly gigantic compared to the heroes but if they really upsize the creatures to a gigantic size along with the mechs, then hardly anyone can buy it or even if they can buy it they have no space to put it because it would just be very big! That's why they downsized the heroes to a smaller size so that it will make the creatures seem gigantic compared to the heroes. Anyway enough of the reasoning now let's talk about my opinion on these. Personally, they look good but limited articulation is always the minus point of minifigures. And the best thing is, you can finally use non-existent head colours for your mini heroes' heads! :D That is probably the thing that I'm most happy about. (9 and a half/10)
Splitter Beast: The main reason that I gotten this is because I want the heads for my Hero Factory invasion from below upscale. :P Click here for more info on it. Anyway, onto the actual beast itself, I really like how it looks when both beasts are combined, but when they are separated, the bigger beast just looks terrible. I mean, like, seriously. If you have this set you should know. But anyway, it just looks great combined and I really think they shouldn't even have did that kind of function, but it's called "Splitter Beast" so it would be really weird if it can't split. :P (9/10)
New pieces:
Whole Evo and Furno minifigure, with the exception of the fire blade and the gun Evo is holding because I got the blade from Kai's Fire Mech and the gun from one of the Galaxy squad sets.
1. The heads(duh!)
2. The printed 4 long armour piece
3. Feet of both beasts in Splitter Beast
4. smallest torso piece that exist in Hero Factory sets
Pieces that I want more of:
2. Transparent reddish-orange 3 long armour pieces
3. 4 long gunmetal grey/dark pearl grey armour pieces
4. Azure bones, 3rd shortest bone piece
5. The pieces used as 'claws' in flyer beast, used for smaller Splitter beast's front legs and bigger Splitter beast's tail.
That's it for now and I hoped this review helped you!

Written by Lynn

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