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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Microsoft paint drawings: 2 stick men fighting and 1 stick man riding a motorcycle

 More stick run drawings! :D This time it's a battle between 2 stick men and another stick man riding on a motorcycle! Basically this stick man has a red helmet(I don't really know if this is an actual rare or just a rare made up by some guy who likes Stick Run) and as you can see I tried to make a transparent effect and you can see that the stick man actually wears Freaky(the red-green-blue spectacles). Then, the stick man holding the sword(there's no sword in stick run) has a custom black cap(there's no black cap in stick run), zombie shades(like I always say I hate the fact it is a zombie item but I just love its cool looks and it's a rare), blue bandanna(a rare), some white armour which is also not available in Stick Run and Ninja shoes which are also not in Stick Run. Then the Stick Man holding only 1 gun(there's actually guns in Stick Run :P) has the straw hat(a rare) and also the Zombie shades and JumperShoes. That's it for now and I hope you like this drawing!

Written by Lynn

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