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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Microsoft paint drawings: 2 stick men in stick run multiplayer

So let me name the stick men's stick run items.
Stick man jumping over the boxes:
Ghost cap(Rare)
Santa's glasses(Noob rare)
Blue bandanna(Rare)
(Nothing on the hands)
Yellow skin(default)
Diamond shoes(Premium[Sorry about the misconception in my drawing of the diamond shoes it was because of the shoes' glow and it made me not be able to see the colour of the outlining clearly])
Stick man jumping up halfway:
Money cap(or as traders like to call it 'M cap')(Noob rare)
Zombie shades(I don't like how it is called zombie shades but it looks cool)(rare)
(Nothing on the mouth)
Zombie claws(Don't like how it is called that)(rare)
Infected skin(only when a person completes Zombie set/Z set which is zombie shades, zombie claws and zombie teeth though I personally do not like zombie teeth so I never put that on my stick man drawings. :P)(Should have been counted as rare but it is categorized under premium as with all skins)
(Shoes are unknown since in the picture the lower legs are cut off)
That's it for now and I hoped you like the drawing!

Written by Lynn

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