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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Microsoft paint drawings: My stick run character confused with something

So here you see my stick run avatar confused. Why? I am actually confused over 1 thing: Why are the population of real doublers all hanging around in the Marketplace + sectors? I mean, it's just unfair to those that don't have the T pass and get scammed by scammers that might actually be newbies trying to get some rares or premiums in the normal market place. So this question really just hangs in my mind. If anyone knows, please answer me in the comments below this post. And yes I got the golden shoes I got them from here but I'll probably remove them at some point because I don't want to get banned. HOWEVER... if I win the event for getting 3 golden shoes on the Stick run item facebook page, I will wear the genuine one and do something else with the other 2. Anyway that's it for now and I hoped you like this drawing!
Written by Lynn

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