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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dragon City Rare Hybrid how to breed- Armadillo Dragon

Hello everyone today I am going to talk about how to breed the Armadillo Dragon which is a Terra and metal hybrid dragon! So basically these two elements aren't breedable directly because they are opposite elements and like I stated this is a rare hybrid! Anyway if you saw this person's video who says you have to breed Mud and Zombie Dragon together to get this, well it can be used as well. But anyway, this is my method for breeding this dragon! So I got this dragon on first time by breeding Battery and Tropical Dragon together(dragons should be placed in order) which I raised 1 till level 9 while the other one is level 7. I'm not sure if others use this method it will be as fast though but one guarantee is you'll get Armadillo dragon sooner or later with this combination. That's it for now!

Written by Lynn

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