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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lego Hero Factory Self MOC: Shaun Burst(Blizzard edition)

Here's my Hero Factory Self MOC, Shaun Burst in Blizzard Edition! Here are 3 pictures of him.

Front view(Skis up)

Front View(skis down)

Back view
So basically, since my self MOC isn't going to follow that ridiculous IFB(Invasion From Below) series(I say that series is ridiculous because of the very dumb movie which they tried using to 'advertise' their products, which practically failed...), I decided to make him go on another mission since I can't possibly leave him in brain attack form forever. :P So basically at that time frame where Burst goes for his blizzard mission is at the same time IFB happened and in his blizzard edition, well, obviously, he would have some heat-related weapons to melt ice based enemies. Also, there are flame on his upper leg armour to warm him in the ice.
The lower leg armour as of the time I'm writing this post has been changed to gold, and the lower arm amour has been changed to dark pearl grey/gunmetal grey, but the pictures were taken before I actually changed the armour positions, and I'm now too lazy to take new pics just for minor changes. Anyway, the thing is, he has golden 'boots' that help him climb steep snow slopes better, and he has the retractable skis which help him ski down snow slopes. His fire and lightning staff has been upgraded to a fire and lightning spear. Due to the air conditions in the snow, Shaun Burst gets a breathing apparatus so that he can breathe properly. His jet pack, which has been with him since breakout, still remains in his blizzard edition(although I don't really know if the jet pack can still work in the snow but I left it there anyway) and so does his lightning sniper riffle.  In the story, his armour would be thicker in order to withstand the conditions in the snow, but in real life, it's obviously the plain old armour pieces used throughout all series except 1.0. Also, I just left his brain attack body armour thing alone because I needed some bits of red on him to make it seem obvious that red was one of the colours in his colour scheme. If you didn't notice,(I think you should have, though) Shaun Burst got back his head from the breakout series. :P That's it for now and I hope you liked this MOC!

Written by Lynn

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