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Saturday, August 30, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has travelled to Aceswan Blog! #Legoedition

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge is now circulating so fast on the internet that I can't help it but do one on my SOFT TOYS!!!! :P Well obviously I didn't use real ice water or my soft toys will be totally soaked in the video(and even worse, I might have to leave my soft toys to dry in the balcony! O_o), so thus the LEGO EDITION!!!!!! Basically I just took whatever small enough transparent blue to white parts to dump into that bucket which was lying around the house and then, I pour it on the soft toys! :P Here is a video of Elder Sister Penguin doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Short story for the reason why Elder Sister Penguin did the Ice Bucket Challenge(IBC): On soft toy book, Elder Sister Penguin is friends with Duckie who eventually got nominated to to the IBC. When Duckie posted the video of him doing the challenge on soft toy book, Elder Sister Penguin was one of the nominees nominated by Duckie, along with Harmony Bear and some of his other friends. Elder sister penguin accepts the challenge and does it in this video.
Now for the video where Elder Sister Penguin catches Baby Duckie and nominates him by pouring the bucket of Lego Ice Water on him!

Short story for this video: After Elder Sister Penguin did the Ice Bucket Challenge, she did not nominate anyone to do the challenge on soft toy book, but she chose to do a surprise one on whichever soft toy that happens to come to her ice water bucket. So, Baby Duckie was walking and was wondering what was in the bucket, so he jumped in, but then he couldn't get out, so Elder Sister Penguin ended up flipping the bucket over, pouring the water all over Baby Duckie.
That's it for now and I hoped you liked these videos!

Written by Lynn

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