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Monday, September 22, 2014

Lego Hero Factory Invasion From Below(HFIFB) set review: Crystal Beast vs Bulk

Here's my Lego HFIFB set review, Crystal Beast vs Bulk! I bought it from Metro three days ago. Before I post the actual pictures of the set here's a little edit to make it look like one of the scenes in the HFIFB movie!

I admit that it doesn't really look good, but I tried. :P Anyway here are the pictures of the actual set.

Crystal Beast and Bulk

Bulk armoured and armed(front view)

Bulk armoured and armed(back view)

Bulk unarmoured and unarmed(front view)

Bulk unarmoured and unarmred(back view)

Crystal Beast(front view)

Crystal Beast(back view, tail pointing towards you)

Crystal Beast(back view, tail down)

Beast: Looks quite good, despite the fact that it is rather short and doesn't have armour on its lower arms and legs. The back of the beast has some acceptable coverage. Weapon looks good also. (10/10)
Minifigure: BULK STOP LOOKING LIKE MEGATRON!!! O_o When I actually looked at Bulk's helmet in Brain Attack, I was thinking "Bulk's helmet looks like Megatron's head" and now his minifig sized helmet looks like Megatron to me AGAIN! Also, I do not get why does Bulk get a green head. To me, he would probably look better with an orange head, not green! (6/10)
Parts: Parts are great, AS ALWAYS! :P (10/10)
Total: 26/30
That's it for now and I hope this review helped you! :D

Written by Lynn

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