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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My opinion on Bionicle's return in 2015

Wow, this is so weird! The picture of bionicle with Hero Factory(HF) pieces(they aren't exclusive to HF, but they were introduced in HF so that's why a LOT of people call the big action figure styled building pieces HF pieces :P), are you telling me you are copying what I did to Mizu(Oh well Mizu wasn't totally made with HF parts but quite a lot of pieces on him are)? :P Ok that was just a joke now to get to the serious part.
I am willing to try it, since when I first knew of Lego and Bionicle I was very young so I couldn't really grasp the storyline since Bionicle had a 8 year history when I knew of such thing called Lego Bionicle. :P I do want to see how would the new Bionicle turn out to be, and also GET THE MASKS!!!!!!! :P :P :P Also, I think it would be better to use the HF pieces since they are better in terms of quality(the 2008 and after pieces were really poor in quality, no offence meant to any Bionicle fans that read this). Oh well, this is my opinion on this! That's it for now!
(Note: This is quite more or less official, since a moderator on the Lego Message Boards actually announced that Bionicle WILL return)

Written by Lynn

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