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Monday, December 15, 2014

Soft toys talking 30

Elder sister penguin: Tis the season to be jolly, la la la la la, la la la la!
Duckie: It's not even Christmas yet an-
Harmony Bear: But the Christmas mood is here! All the games are having Christmas updates and also, there are Christmas items everywhere!
Duckie: Whatever.
Younger sister penguin: *Plays Ninjago nindroids game on her Nintendo3ds*
Duckie: Wow! Younger sister penguin,Did they release a new game on Nintendo3ds?
Younger sister penguin: Yup, you didn't know?
Duckie: Nowadays Lego releases so many games on those consoles and not on phones anymore. :(
Elder sister penguin: You gotta (singing)move along, move along, (says in normal voice)with the game industry! Only a small number of game developers would develop on outdated stuff. :P
Harmony Bear: Elder sister penguin, why do you keep singing today?
Elder sister penguin: I have no idea. :P
Doorbell: Ding-dong!
Elder sister penguin: *Opens the door*
Smarty: Hello Elder sister penguin!
Elder sister penguin: Hi Smarty! Come in! *After Smarty comes in, she closes the door*
Smarty: Has our owner bought the Lego Mindstorms set yet?
Elder sister penguin: Nope, but she bought Lego power functions!
Smarty: Yay!!!! Has she created any MOCs with it?
Elder sister penguin: Yup! I'll show you once our owner takes me out of soft toy land and into the real world.
Smarty: Yay!!!!!
*I take Elder sister penguin and put her on my table.*
Elder sister penguin: Bleh
Smarty: *Jumps onto my table* So where's the MOC? TELL ME!!!!
Elder sister penguin: It's on the floor!
Elder sister penguin and Smarty: *Both look at the floor and see a mining car with a drill.*
Smarty: How does it work?
OOF!!! Owwwwww...
Smarty: Are you ok? Did it hurt?
Elder sister penguin: I'm fine, but...*Looks at Smarty with the "Duh!" expression"
Smarty: Ok...
Elder sister penguin: Here is how you play with this vehicle! *Jumps onto the power box, turns it on and then flips the switch to one side, causing the vehicle to move and have lights turned on while she is still on it* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! THE VEHICLE IS MOVING SO FAST WHEN I'M ON IT!!!! AHHHHH!!!!
Smarty: Don't worry, I'll save you! *Jumps onto the vehicle* OW!
Elder sister penguin and Smarty: *Both see that the vehicle is going to bump into the wall* AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Elder sister penguin: TURN OFF THE SWITCH!!!!!
Smarty: Which switch?!
Smarty: *However, he doesn't know what is the position for turning off the motor in the vehicle which is allowing the car to move, so he ends up flipping the switch to the other direction, causing the car to reverse*
Elder sister penguin: WHAT DID YOU DO?! I said turn it off not make it reverse!
Elder sister penguin and Smarty: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE CAR IS GOING TO BUMP INTO THE BED!!!!!
Smarty: I actually have no idea how to turn it off, so maybe you should climb over here while I make this car go back and forth so that it won't bump into anything?
Elder sister penguin: I'm not going to do that! I'm so far from the switch! I'm at the front of the car!
Smarty: Ok, fine! What's the position that I should put the switch at so that the car will stop?
Elder sister penguin: The middle!
Smarty: Ok! *Flips the switch to the middle and the car finally stops*
Elder sister penguin and Smarty: Phew!
Elder sister penguin: I'm going to turn off the power box. *Turns of power box* I'm going to sleep on my owner's desk. Good night!
Smarty: Um... it's not even night time yet.
Elder sister penguin: Whatever. I'm still going to take a nap. :P
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

(left to right) Younger sister penguin and Elder sister penguin

Duckie and Harmony Bear

Written by Lynn

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