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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lego swimming pool MOC+Bonus stuff at the end!

Here's my Lego swimming pool MOC that I've had with me for quite some time, even before I went to Australia! Here are some pictures of it.

Normal view of swimming pool(pic 1)

Picture of all the minifigures except Lifeguard guy

Were you wondering where has Lifeguard guy gone to? Well, he's sitting on his lifeguard chair!
Another view of the swimming pool

This MOC all started with a swimming pool concept that I had in mind: Build a swimming pool where I can pose minifigures in the swimming pool without the removal of any minifig parts. I searched on youtube and google on these type of MOCs, but unfortunately I only saw 1 or 2 that were able to pose minifigs in the 'water' without removing anything from the minifigures themselves. So, I decided to build a Lego swimming pool of my own! At first, I actually didn't have enough transparent bricks to fill the water parts and leave a few holes for posing minfigures, but over time, my sister gave me her Lego bricks and I got enough transparent bricks from her and my own collection that I was able to build it. :D When the pool 'water' was done, it basically only went through minor changes, such as the width and length of the pool, the depth etc. I left it the way it is in the pictures for weeks before I finally decided to post it here. :P Oh yes, here are some bonus pics!

Lighting near the outside enterance to City Square Mall(not at the carpark area)

Some kind of train with lights I think
These were taken at City Square Mall, but actually there were lots of lit up decorations there. Unfortunately, when I was there, my phone was already near the brink of shutting down due to low battery. Before it shut down, I managed to take these two pictures. Don't they look beautiful? :D By the way, the bonus is not over yet!

Lights on! I can see some faint colouration of the car in the picture, can you?
As hinted in Soft toys talking 30, I bought the Lego power functions kit! It comes with a few axles, some gears, the power box, M motor, lights and the switch! Also, this is the mining car that was mentioned in soft toys talking 30. It can actually move on its own if I switched on the extra power functions switch, but in the picture I did not allow it to move because I am taking a picture! Why would I need it to move when you can't tell if something is moving in a picture unless it is blurry? More on the mining car in the car's own post! This is about the swimming pool not the mining car! :P That's it for now!

Written by Lynn

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