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Monday, May 13, 2013

Interview with Hero Factory MOCs: Cole Rocka

Again, it's another interview with Hero Factory MOCs, this time, it's Cole Rocka, Daniel Rocka's elder brother!
Elder sister penguin: Hey Cole Rocka! How's life?

Cole Rocka: Good, I guess?
Elder sister penguin: Oh, I just remembered that Hero Factory just got Takanuva from the Bionicle universe upgraded to the new building system!
Cole Rocka: W-wait, who's Takanuva?
Duckie: What's going on in the interview?
Elder sister penguin: CUT!!!!!! *Harmony Bear stops the camera* What are you doing here Duckie? I know I've said this more than once, but PLEASE DON'T INTERRUPT THE INTERVIEW!!!!
Duckie: *sigh* Alright... *Walks away sadly.*
Elder sister penguin: And...
Tubbie: What's up guys...
Younger sister penguin: Hello sister! How are...*Trips over foot and rolls into a ball. After that, she flies towards the camera and tripod.* AHHHHH!!! HELP ME!!!!!
Cole Rocka: Cole Rocka to the rescue! *Jumps up and tries to catch Younger sister penguin, but instead, he knocks the camera and tripod down.*
*Blank screen*
Elder sister penguin: Oh bricks, now we can't let the viewers on TV see the interview properly.
Harmony Bear: Hey Snake! Can you turn on the camera on the top right hand corner?
Snake: Sssssure. *Turns on the camera.*
*Screen comes back on again.*
Elder sister penguin: Okay, great! Let's continue this interview! By the way, Harmony Bear, can you step away for a moment please?
Harmony Bear: Sure! *Walks out of the interview room.*
Elder sister penguin: Takanuva is a toa of light in the bionicle universe.
Cole Rocka: What's a toa?
Elder sister penguin: *Faints*
Harmony Bear: Oh no, I have to take over. *Goes to Elder sister penguin's seat.* Okay, Toa is basically a term for master in Bionicle, or that is, as far as I understand.
Cole Rocka: Oh.
Harmony Bear: How do you feel when you actually caused trouble instead of solving it just now?
Cole Rocka: I feel very guilty. I wished I never did that at all.
Harmony Bear: Um, you can go now.
Cole Rocka: Yay! *Walks out of the interview room.*
Harmony Bear: Cut! *Snake stops the camera.* Hoped you enjoyed this interview!
Here are the pictures of the soft toys and Hero Factory MOC(s) mentioned in this post.


Harmony Bear



Cole Rocka
Younger and Elder sister penguin

Written by Lynn

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