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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Soft toys talking 15

Soft toys talking 15 is here! By the way, everything here happens in Harmony Bear's house.
Elder sister penguin: Did you see my owner's best friend's blog? All the soft toys fainted! Do any of you wonder why?
Younger sister penguin: Yeah... A bit.
Elder sister penguin: Who wants a brain teaser?
Younger sister penguin, Snake, Harmony Bear, Duckie, Tubbie and Smarty: Me!
Elder sister penguin: There you go!'I belong to you.Even though I belong to you, I am usually used by others to help you do something. What am I?'(If you want to see if you can answer it, don't scroll down further 'til you're done.)
*All the soft toys except Elder sister penguin starts thinking*
Smarty: I know! Person!
Elder sister penguin: *Faints*
Younger sister penguin: O_O Wake up Elder sister penguin!
Elder sister penguin: *Wakes up* Alright, who's next?
Snake: I think it'sssssss sssssssnakesssssss.
Elder sister penguin: *Face palms* Next.
Duckie: My name?
Elder sister penguin: Yup, you got that right! Your name! Here are all the things you can get from my sentence. 'Usually used' means people usually call you that. 'Help you do something' means to help you know that a particular person is calling you.
Duckie: Okay. *Stomach growls.* Should we eat dinner?
Everybody except Duckie: Sure!
Everybody except Harmony Bear: I can't wait to see what Harmony Bear has cooked for us!
Harmony Bear: Here you go! A wide spread of everyone's favourite dishes! Let's tuck in!
Everybody except Harmony Bear: Yay! *Everybody starts taking their favourite food like fish(For the sister penguins and Harmony Bear), Worms(For Duckie), Salad(Tubbie and Smarty) and insects(For snake) to go with their rice.*
Everyone: *Gobbles food.* Yummy yum!
Harmony Bear: Okay everyone, I''m going to clean up all these dishes. Can somebody volunteer to help me wipe the table?
Smarty: Me!
Harmony Bear: Thank you! *Walks to the kitchen to clean up the dishes while Smarty cleans the table.*
Duckie: Have you gotten any more brain teasers in your head?
Elder sister penguin: Let me think for a moment...  Wait, I just remembered I kept a brain teasers book in my bag! Let me dig it out. *Starts finding for the book, and found it.* Read page 17.
*Smarty finishes cleaning the table and walks to the crowd. Then, all the soft toys except Elder sister penguin and Harmony Bear flips to page 17 and reads the paragraph.
This paragraph is odd. What is its oddity? You may not find it at first, but this paragraph is not normal. What is wrong? It's just a small thing, but an oddity that stands out if you find it. What is it? You must know. Your days will not go until you find out what is odd. You will pull your hair out. Your insomnia will push you until your poor brain finally short-circuits trying to find oddity in this paragraph.(This one was taken from the Lego Message boards. By the way, if you want to see if you can answer it, don't scroll down further 'til you're done.)All the soft toys look at each other in confusion.*
Duckie: Urgh, looks like we will really get our 'brains blown' to try and solve this thing.
Smarty and Tubbie: *Re-reads the paragraph thoroughly and walks to Elder sister penguin.* The answer is there is no E in the whole paragraph which is uncommon to happen for such a long paragraph!
Elder sister penguin, Yep, you got that right! Hmm... Page 22 please!

*The same soft toys flip to page 22 and reads the paragraph.
In a weird western restaurant, you can get any food of your choice for free if you say the correct secret code. The cashier will say a word for a specific food while the customer will say a number. For example, if the cashier says 'Penguin', the customer will say '2' to get his food. Then, another customer comes in and the cashier says 'Fries', the customer will say '1' to get his food. What will the customer say to get his food if the cashier says 'exaggerating'?*(If you want to see if you can answer it, don't scroll down further 'til you're done.)
Younger sister penguin: Oh gosh, I don't get this brain teaser. I give up!
Smarty: Me too!
Snake: Me too!
Tubbie and Duckie: *Re-reads the paragraph and tries to spot any clues essential for the answer.* We give up too!
Elder sister penguin: The answer is 5!
Everybody except Elder sister penguin and Harmony Bear: What?! 5?!
Elder sister penguin: Yep, 5. You count how many syllabus are in each word. For example, 'Penguin' has 2 syllabus, therefore, the customer says 2 to get his food. Exaggerating has 5 syllabus which is ex-xa-ger-ra-ting, that's why the customer would say 5 to get his food.
Everybody except Elder sister penguin and Harmony Bear: Oh... I see.
Harmony Bear: *Finishes washing the dishes and walks to the living room.* Looks like you guys are having a couple of brain teasers! I want to join in!
Elder sister penguin: Okay! Page 41!
*All the soft toys except Elder sister penguin flips to page 41 and reads the page.
In your friend's country, there's this company called CRD who always wants to check anything that you are mailing to a particular person before it is sent to the post office for mailing. If it's a valuable item, they would probably take it away and throw the packaging in the rubbish bin. Here, you want to send something valuable to the friend staying at that country. You found a box suitable for it and you want to find something to lock it which your friend can be able to unlock. What will you do to get the valuable over to your friend?(If you want to see if you can answer it, don't scroll down further 'til you're done.However, if you are clueless for this one, scroll down to see some of the hints.)
All the soft toys look at each other in confusion again.*
Harmony Bear: Hey! Look at the bottom of the page with some words!
*The soft toys looks at the bottom of the page and saw the words which reads:
Clueless about what's happening? Flip to page 42 to see some clues!
Then, they flip to page 42 which has hints for the last page.
Hints for page 41:
1.You cannot hand deliver it. It's against the laws of the country where your friend lives.
2.There's a way to really get the package there. You have to think out of the box. 
3.Remember, anything that you send to that country will be checked, so if you are sending an insecure box, you better make sure it is not a valuable, otherwise, it will be taken by the CRD and your friend or you will never receive it from the post office in that country/your country.*
Younger sister penguin: Hmm... *Walks to Elder sister penguin* Can I get my friend to buy a key with padlock to send the padlock to me, then, I put it on the front of the box and after that, I mail the box with the valuable item and when it reaches there, my friend can open it?
Elder sister penguin: Nah, if the padlock is made of a valuable item, it probably will just be taken out after CRD opens that insecure package.
Younger sister penguin: I give up!
Elder sister penguin: Next?
To be continued... In Soft toys talking 16! In the meantime, you viewers can also try to answer the question! Answer will be in Soft toys talking 16 too. Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Younger and Elder sister penguin

Harmony Bear




Written by Lynn

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