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Monday, August 26, 2013

Custom Pacman paper wallet

Here's my custom Pacman(Pacman is a computer/IOS game) paper wallet as promised on the update on my custom sky paper wallet! Here are 7 pictures of it.

Front of Pacman paper wallet

Back of Pacman paper wallet

Inside of Pacman paper wallet picture 1

Inside of Pacman paper wallet picture 2

Picture of a monster chasing Pacman in game(The angle I took this picture from makes them seem upside down)

Picture of a Lego brick drawing in one of the card pockets

Close of of the Rubik's cube drawing on the back of a card pocket

I made this last year and this was the first paper wallet I made to be waterproof. I really just used the book plastic wrap on this one. However, on the sky paper wallet, it's actually using packing tape to waterproof it. However, the reason why I don't really used this one now is because the first time I used it, the coins in the 'coin pouch' fell out! That was when I knew it was a failure. Because of my fail attempt at the coin pouch, it rendered another one of my paper wallets useless, which also means I wasted my paper, my tape and my time on it. When I made the sky paper wallet I finally had a solution to this problem. Still, I hope you like the pacman and the monsters I made!

Written by Lynn


  1. They are very beautiful and creative wallets Anne.


    1. Thank you for your compliments. They were made by my daughter, Lynn.


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