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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dragon City Breeding sanctuary dragons: How to breed: Wyvern Dragon

Wyvern Dragon with Archangel in the hatchery(Archangel dragon was there because I had a breeding failure while trying to breed for the fallen angel dragon :P)

At last! I finally got the Wyvern Dragon by breeding! :D :P Anyway basically I tried to breed Dark fire+Terra dragon LOTS and lots of times and now I finally got it! :D (Lost track of how many times I bred them LOL) And this is the only other way you can get the Wyvern Dragon!(The other way is if you are a facebook Dragon City player, you can have a chance at getting it in the Deus daily bonus and I never had luck to get this dragon there) That's it for now and good luck in getting this dragon! Next up is a review of the Lego Adventure Book 2 I got a few days ago!

Written by Lynn

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